Pavlos Nastas

Photographer & Phototravellers’ founder

Hello, Travelers of Light!

My name is Pavlos, or Paolo, as I was born and raised in Brazil by Greek parents. It was there that I learned to appreciate my surroundings and it was there, in my childhood, where I discovered and became amazed by the dark room!

I started working as a professional photographer in the ‘90s. In the beginning years I worked on dance photography. Shooting dance performances connected me with the importance of perfecting the moment: the art of knowing the precision of movement in order to capture the right photo. I have continued to photograph dance performances, but my love for the outdoors and the natural world has compelled me to trek and photograph almost all of the mountains in Greece, leading me to an understanding of what is most important in life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to live between Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Patmos Island and Stockholm. This diversity of cultures, climates, environments, and attitudes on life, has given me openness and the meta skills for communicating with people and nature, and the ability to blend in with the atmosphere in which I take photos.

A passionate, loving relationship is my relationship with photography, redesigning itself and constantly evolving.

Beyond photography, I adore cooking for friends, reading, arts & crafts, rock climbing, windsurfing, walking barefoot, kayaking on crystal clear Greek waters, and hiking off the beaten path in the mountains.

Eirini Dakou

Tour Manager

I was born in Athens on an era of freedom and safety and grew up on a suburb where the houses were less than the fields. Half a tomboy, I was waiting to finish school to go playing in the streets with my older brother and his friends. Half a ballerina, I was dancing since I would get out of bed in the morning till I would go back to it at night. Reading was my love affair and writing my way to express myself. At the same time my family was business oriented and I was gradually being taught, starting from a very young age, how to run a business. Back then I was sure I would become a dancer. However I studied and got an extensive training in psychology, run my own business for some years with success and for years now I work privately as a psychotherapist.

There’s still this part of me which loves playing and expressing creatively and photography brings all those together for me. Honoring my nature which loves moving and exploring, travelling in Greece and around the world has been an essential part of my life, so organizing photography workshops in Greece or abroad is just natural.

I am here to plan all the logistics and make sure you will experience the best of Greece and of any place you visit with us. I am here to enchant you with the essence and the deepest beauty of our country.

Giannis Nikolaou


I was born and grew up in Athens and studied architecture in Thessaloniki. I have always been fascinated by motion picture and it was back then, during the university years, that I first got involved with the field of multimedia production and changed career focus.

I have produced and directed numerous documentaries, video clips and various multimedia installations in museums. I also work as an editor to feature films & documentaries in Greece and abroad. My last work is a documentary about Eleonora’s Falcon, the migrating species of falcon.

I am here as a technical advisor and cinematographer-editor for any multimedia need.

13A, Efpolidos str
163 41, Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece

+30 210 959 4277
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